282 web068 228 285 2014 maj (270)The filter is a series of patterned acrylic sheets. The pattern is built up of shadings that create different triangular shapes and combinations. By working with the hatchings on both sides of acrylic sheet a threedimensional effect occurs that gives a flickering effect as the viewer changes position. As the coloured shading overlaps different colours are created and the original forms dissolve to allow new ones to emerge.
Classic forms of artistic expression — hatchings, geometric composition and colour blends form the basis for the work. The design appears to both banal and refined and it colourfully positions in a version of the present time. That said it is still with one foot firmly placed in the Bauhaus and one in Postmodernism.

Filter was shown at the exhibition ”Pink, Pop, Polykrom” at Nicolai, Skolegade 2, 6000 Kolding in 2014

Exhibitors: Anne Louise Bang, Barnabas Wetton, Carl Emil Jacobsen, Helle Graabæk, Helle Rude Trolle, Jacob Sikker Remin, Jannik Seidelin, Josephine Winther, Lene Thomasen, Louise Ravnløkke Munk Petersen, Maria Kirk Mikkelsen, Morten Cramer Buch, Rikke Hansen, Signe Parkins og Thomas Zindorff Lagoni