work jungle 1work jungle 2work jungle 3The jungle wallpaper was born back in the late seventies when my parents let my sister and I create a giant drawing on our bedroom wall. The motif was a jungle. It had animals and beautiful plants. Later in life I realized that not all children are allowed to make drawings on their wall. To help them convince their parents that such an action is not only ok, but also an amazing experience and a way for the child to capture the space, I created the Jungle wallpaper. It is like a big colouring book, the contours are there, the child can add in the colours.

The Jungle wallpaper is produced in Denmark with envirnmental-friendly colours and recycled paper. The roll is 53 cm wide and 10 metres long. The repeat is a 53 cm halfdrop. The Jungle wallpaper can be purchased by contacting Studio Gemakker.