landskabning 1landskabning 2Landskabning is a Danish wordplay that twists and combines the words for landscape and creation and creature.

With the exhibition Landskabning ceramic artist Vinni Hedegaard Frederiksen and designer Maria Kirk Mikkelsen examines the relationship between nature, man and creation. They are inspired by the landscape that surrounds them in their home region known as the Danish Lakelands. Here they have been fascinated spectators of the construction of a new motorway that cuts through the forest and over the lakes.

The contrast between the pristine and the human landscape has given rise to discussions about aesthetics, form and history between the two women. What is a cultural landscape? Can we see the motorway as a contrast that highlights the organic shapes of nature? Can the constructed become natural?

The exhibition Landskabning is a spatial whole; a total installation, which give the illusion of a fictional landscape. The installation is built around some of the principles Frederiksen and Mikkelsen have observed in the meating between nature and culture with special emphasis on repetition and randomness, of the amorphous and stringent.

The exhibition is open from 17.03.16-24.04.16
Officinet, Bredgade 66, 1260 København