I got married
and changed my name for love,
from Maria Kirk Mikkelsen
to Maria Høgh-Mikkelsen.

Portrait photo: Katrine Worsøe

I am a Danish designer, researcher and educator. I am passionate about design and especially about how we design. My expertise lies in the intersection between Colour and Material Design, Design Methodology, Aesthetic Practise and Education.

I am currently studying a PhD at Kolding School of Design where I previously have worked as Senior Lecturer teaching Colour and Material Design as well as conducting artistic research. The PhD ‘Exploring an experimental and material-based colour design proces’ questions the relevance of classical colour theory for the designer. You can read more about the PhD project on the website kolor.dk and on instagram kolor.dk

I divide my work into Design Work and Artistic Research. Both areas contain process and aesthetics, but in different ways and to varying degrees. I define Design Work as having a design solution that has a functional or emotional value for a number of users. For this work, I often use design methods that involve users. In parallel with this type of work, I also have a practice of a more experimental nature. Here I explore materials, form and colour in relation to concept and aesthetics. These projects do not always have a functional value, but they are means to gain knowledge as well as a constant training, a way of staying fresh in the dialogue with the conceptual and aesthetic aspects of design. I strive to show these projects at Exhibitions and share findings and reflections in publications.

From 2021 t0 2023 I will be busy doing my PhD, so in that period I will not be able to take on other projects. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a presentation or in need of an expert statement.

Contact: hallo(at)gemakker.com


2021-2023 PhD Student, Design School Kolding
2019-2020 University Pedagogy, University of Southern Denmark
2017 Certified NCS Colour Adviser, NCS Stockholm
2015-2016 Certified Process Consultant, Go-process og VIA Århus
2009 Project management, IBC Kolding
2002-2003 Design Academy Eindhoven, Man & Well-being, The Netherlands
1999-2004 Design School Kolding, Textile Design
1996-1999 Teacher’s college of Art and Crafts, Art department, Kerteminde


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presenting colour projects
Selection of Presentations:

:: Presentation of Artistic Research projects for The Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants, Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Oct 2019
:: Presentation of Conference Paper: ‘Seven Colour Contrasts Materialised’ at ICA Belgium Colour Symposium. May 2019
:: Wayfinding as Interaction Design. Presentation of Fredericia Sundhedshus’s Wayfinding Strategy and Colour Program at Copenhagen University Hospital. Oct 2018
:: Guest on Madmagasinet on DR1 National TV. Dialogue on colour influences in food. Mar 2018
:: Presentation of Conference Paper: ‘A Colour Palette Methodology’ at XIII Conferenza del Colore, Naples. Sep 2017
:: Presentation of the Artistic Research Project: ‘Palette. Composing Colour Harmonies’ in the Working Group for Contemporary Art at the Cumulus Conference ReDo. Kolding Jun 2017
:: ‘Strategic use of Colours in Corporate Interior Design’. Presentation for Skanderborg Business Association. Mar 2017
:: Presentation of Conference Paper: ‘Colour Combos. Methods in Design Education’ at III International Scientific Conference Colour-Culture-Science. Krakow Nov 2016
:: Presentation of Conference Paper: ‘Cultural Diversity – A strong Didactic Tool?’ at Cumulus Conference. Nottingham Apr 2016

Selection of Commitees and Boards:

:: Member of the Danish Art Foundation Board of Representatives 2021 – 2024
:: Appointed External Examiner. Higher Artistic Educational Programmes under The Ministry of Higher Education 2018 – 2022
:: Member of The Danish Colour Board, 2016-2018
:: Substitute Member for Louise Gaardmand in Charlottenborg Fonden, 2009-2012
:: DSKD Representative in House of Design Kolding’s Advisory Board, 2009-2013
:: Member of Danish Network for Art based Research initiated by Tatiana Chemi, Associate Professor at Aalborg University AAU, 2009 – 2011
:: Member of Steering Committee for Research Project: ‘Crafts and Design’ at The University College of Applied Sciences UCC, 2010 – 2011

Selection of Recognition:

:: Nominated for Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriets (UFM) Nationale Underviserpris 2020
:: Statens Kunstfond (The Danish Art Foundation) 2016
:: Nominated for Best Upcoming Designer, Boligmagasinet 2011
:: The Biennale Award, The Biennale for Craft & Design 2009
:: Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond (The Anniversary Fond of the National Bank) 2009
:: Statens Kunstfond (The Danish Art Foundation) 2007
:: Nominated for Elle Deco International Design Award 2007

Featured in:

:: Mokdad, U., Tolstrup, L. and Nielsen, G.H. (2020) Tekstilkunst i Danmark 2008-2018’ København: Forlaget på Tredje
:: Antoine, Denis (2020) ‘Fashion Design’. London: Laurence King 
Finessi, Beppe (2017) ‘Salone Satellite – 20 Years of new Creativity’. Mantova: Corraini Edizioni
:: Jørgensen, Tom (2009) ’101 kunstnere’. P.S. Hansens Forlag
:: Graae, Annette og Hinz-Berg, Ellis (2009) ’Tekstilkunst i Danmark 1998-2008’. Forlaget Borgen
:: Bramston, David (2008) ‘Basic Product Design 01: Idea Searching’. London: AVA publishing
:: Cheung, Victor (2007) ‘Simply Pattern’. Hong Kong: Victionary Publishing

Selection of Design Work:

:: Social project ‘The Multi-Cultural Village’, 2018
:: Wayfinding strategy and colour programme, Fredericia Sundhedshus, 2017-2018
:: Concept and colour programme for meeting rooms, Kolding School of Design 2017
:: Interior and decoration of Fugldal Daycare, 2016
:: Relief for ceramic climbing wall for Odense Municipality, 2013-2016
:: Interior and decoration of restaurant at Sundhedscenter Skanderborg, 2015
:: Decoration of Spiloppen Daycare, Århus 2011

Censored Exhibitions:

:: ‘Isometrisk navigation’ (Isometric Navigation) at KS14, Janusbygningen 2014  
:: ‘Føder børn uden at skrige (…)’ (Giving Birth without Screaming) at KP14, Aarhus Kunsthal 2014
:: ‘Jungle Wallpaper’ at the Biennale for Crafts and Design, Trapholt 2009
:: ‘Flora Gum’ at ’Stripes for body and chair’ travelling exhibition: Rundetårn, Sønderborg Slot and Textilforum Herning 2006
:: ‘Skumrosen’ at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, København 2005
:: ‘Souvenir from Home’ at International Travel Souvenir Design Competition, Korea 2005
:: ‘Pink and Powder, Puf And Pillow’ at Charlottenborg’s Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen 2003

Selection of other Exhibitions:

:: Geometri, Antikmuseet Århus, 2018
:: Thisted Kunstforening, Det Ny Kasted 2017
:: At landskabe, Officinet 2016
:: Pink Pop Polykrom, Nicolai Kunst og Design, 2014 KS 14, Janusbygningen, 2014
:: Det Danske Kultur Institut, Edinburgh 2010
:: Collection of Applied Folk Art, Kecskemét, Ungarn 2010 Det Danske Kultur Institut, Bruxelles 2009
:: Galerij Theaxus, Belgien 2009
:: Fondazione Cosmit Eventi Permanent Design Collection, New York Design Week, 2009
:: Salone Del Mobile, Milan, Presented by Covo, 2009 Nordens hus, Færøerne, 2009
:: Future Living, Designens Hus, Stockholm, 2008
:: Maison & object, Paris, Presented by Covo, 2008
:: Dutch Design Center, Utrecht, NL, 2008
:: Art Nhow, Milan, 2007
:: Lift-off, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, NL, 2007
:: Inside Design Amsterdam, 2007
:: Designer’s Catalog 13, Tokyo, 2007
:: Textile illusion, Galleri Crafts2eu, Hamburg, 2007
:: Runas Hus, Officinet, 2007
:: Honey Im Home, Dansk Design Center, 2006
:: Nationale Vlechtmuseum, NL, 2003